The best banks and cards for European travellers

AccountNetworkTypeForeign ATM fees outside SEPAInternational ATM surcharge fee rebatesForeign currency transaction feesannual/ monthly feesEligible countriesnotes
NuriVisaDebit0-00All EEA countriesGerman bank
N26 YouMastercardDebit0-09,90€ monthlyMost EEA countriesGerman bank
Tomorrow ChangeVisa + VpayDebit5 per month free, then 2€-07€ monthlyall Eurozone countriesGerman Bank
Sync MoneyMastercardPrepaid2 per month free, then 2%-00most EEA countriesLithuania e-money
Monese ClassicMastercardPrepaid900€ per month free, then 2%-05,95€ monthlyAll EEA countriesBelgian based. No SEPA direct debits yet (planned 2019)
WirexMastercardPrepaid400€ per month free, then 2%-00All EEA countriesLithuanian e-money. own exchange rates.
ZenMastercardPrepaid300€ per month free, then 1,5%-00,99€ monthlyAll EU countriesLithuanian e-money
Aion Bank Light MembershipMastercard or MaestroDebit300€ per month free, then 2%-03,90€ monthlyMany EEA countriesBelgian bank, use own exchange rates
Paysend Global AccountMastercardPrepaid200€ per month free, then 2%-00All EEA countriesSpain based. own exchange rates. annual ATM withdrawal limit is 5000€. top-up by card only.
ConotoxiaVisaPrepaid200€ per month free, then 2%-00All EEA countriesPolish account. Own exchange rate for 20 currencies, Visa rates for the rest. Midnight BlueVisaPrepaid200€ per month free, then 2%2000€ per month free, then 0,5%0All EEA countriesLithuanian e-money. own exchange rates. inactivity fee of 5€ after 12 months. card cancellation costs 50€, see terms.
RevolutMastercard or VisaDebit200€ per month free, then 2%-0-3% depending on weekday etc.0All EEA countriesLithuania based. Exchange rate top-up for certain currencies and on weekends between 0,5 and 2%, see disclosure. 8€ one-time card fee, no load fee. Auto Top-up possible. Account can also be in other European currencies. Card does not work in these countries.
Curve BlueMastercardDebit200€ per month free, then 2% min. 2€-0-3,5% depending on weekday etc.0most EEA countriesLithuania based. have to already have a Mastercard or Visa to use service. Supported card currencies include: GBP, EUR, USD, SEK, NOK, CHF, BGN, CZK, DKK, HRK, HUF, ISK, PLN, RON. Own exchange rates, on weekends 0,5-1,5% worse.
Vivid Money StandardVisaDebit200€ per month free, then 3%-0,5%0All EEA countriesGerman bank
Bunq easyMoneyMastercard or MaestroDebit4 per month free, then 0,99€-0,5%8,99€ monthlyMost EEA countriesDutch bank
VerseMastercardPrepaid2 per month free-00many EEA countries
Wise Borderless AccountMastercard or VisaDebit2x and 200€ max. per 30 days free, then 0,50€ + 1,75%-0.35%-2.85%0All EEA countriesBelgian based. You can add money directly to your account in 18 currencies including: BGN, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK. Card currency is GBP.
2getherVisaPrepaid1,5%-00all Eurozone countriesSpanish account
N26 Bank AccountMastercardDebit1,7%-00Most EU & EFTA countriesGerman bank.
DiPocketMastercardPrepaid1€-1%0All EEA countrieslithuanian e-money, accounts based in Poland. no load fee
Cards available in: GBP,EUR,PLN, USD
Sweep BankMastercardDebit4 per month free, then 2% + 1€-00Latvia, Finland, GermanyMaltese bank
DKB-CashVisaDebit0-00Austria, Germany, SwitzerlandGerman bank. 700€ monthly deposit required after 12 months to still enjoy 0% currency conversion.
Advanzia BankMastercardCredit1,53-2% interest per month, depending on issuing country-00Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, SpainLuxembourgish Bank. German customers would be wise to pick this cobranded card, because it offers autopay by SEPA direct debit.
CofidisMastercard or VisaCreditdepends on issuing country-0depends on issuing countryBelgium, Portugal, Spain, France, Czech Republic
BNP Paribas Personal FinanceMastercardCreditdepends on issuing country-0depends on issuing countryBulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria
Societe Generale Consumer FinanceMastercard or VisaCreditdepends on issuing country-0depends on issuing countryGermany, Romania
ICBCUnionPayDebit0,50-2,50€ depending on issuing country-0depends on issuing countryBelgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain
OpenbankMastercardDebit05 per month07,99€ monthlyGermany, Netherlands, PortugalSpanish bank
KlarnaVisaCreditnot possible-00Sweden, GermanySwedish bank
Lunar WayVisa or MastercardDebitdepends on issuing country-0-1%0-69DKK monthlyDenmark, Norway, Sweden
Bank NorwegianVisaCredit0-1,75%0Norway, Finland, Sweden, DenmarkNorwegian bank
Unicredit StartMastercardDebitfree for withdrawals of 80€ or more-00Slovakia, Czech Republic
Diners Club PureDiners Club International/ DiscoverCredit2€ + 2,5%-00Slovakia, Czech Republic

Rules for inclusion:

I’ve focused on pan-european and multi-country offers first (list is growing every year). There is a decent option for every EEA resident available here.

Offers limited to residents of a single country (scroll down to see table) must offer at least as good terms as Nuri or Ferratum. That means a prepaid/debit card with 0 conversion fees and at least a few free withdrawals a month.

Credit cards are still mostly local only. They should at least offer 0 or very low conversion fees.

Eligibility usually concerns residence, not citizenship.


Unless there’s an even better option for your country on the list above or below, get Nuri. It’s free and you cannot go wrong with that. Ferratum has halted acceptance of new customers as of 2020.

If the included travel insurance justifies the price for you N26 You is great as well.

Credit cards: If there isn’t one listed for your country or you don’t qualify for one, don’t worry, you only truly need to use a credit card when renting a car or similar (depending on country), for most other purposes a debit card is just fine.

Watch out: There are some banks that hide their currency conversion fee behind the fact that they use their own exchange rates instead of those from Visa or Mastercard. This way they can claim there are “zero” conversion fees, but then use exchange rates that are worse than the card companies’ and pocket the difference. The fine print should reveal this, but it’s a pain.

For some European countries not using the Euro there’s an additional wrinkle: There can be double conversions. You spend in say Indian Rupees, Mastercard converts to Euro and your bank then converts from € to your local currency with their own exchange rate. That’s how they can still have their cut. Seems to happen more with Mastercard than Visa. Here’s a good explainer how it works with Polish banks. Again, the fine print should reveal this.

Now, Revolut, Curve and Wise for example do not use Visa or Mastercard rates either, but at least they are transparent in that they use the mid-market rate. But still, with Revolut and Curve you’re up to 2% worse off on weekends, and with Wise in any case. 99% of the time you’re better off sticking to the card companies’ rates and you won’t have to compare rates and what not.

AccountNetworkTypeForeign ATM fees outside SEPAInternational ATM surcharge rebatesForeign currency transaction feesannual/ monthly feesEligible countriesnotes
Bank CreditasMastercardDebit0-00Czech Republicuse their own exchange rate for transactions in Euro, Mastercard's for everything else
Raiffeisen Bank EasyMastercardCredit3,5%, min. 89 CZK-0,49%0Czech Republic
Coop Pank RändrahnMastercardDebit0-04,99€ monthlyEstoniaWithdrawals only free if min. 200€ in card transactions in Estonia the 2 months before.
Max (Credit Mutuel Arkea)MastercardDebit8x per month-00France
Ma French BankVisaDebit0-02€ monthlyFrance
Chaabi Bank Pack Chaabi EssentielVisaDebit0-03€ monthlyFranceA card with higher limits is also available,but you will need to deposit your salary
Fortuneo Banque FosfoMastercardDebit0-03€ monthlyFrancemonthly fee can be waived with 1 card transaction
Creatis Offre Creatis EssentielleVisaDebit0-03€ monthlyFrancethey only have two branches: in Lille and Lens. Might be possible to open by telephone as well.
Hello PrimeVisaDebit0-05€ monthlyFrance1000€ minimum monthly income required
Monabanq UniqVisaDebit25 per year free, then 1,5%-50 per year free, then 1,5%6€ monthlyFrance
Boursorama Banque UltimVisaDebit0-015€ monthlyFrancemonthly fee can be waived with 1 card transaction
Payback Visa Flex+VisaCredit0-00Germany
BW Bank Giro WorldwideVisaCredit0-00Germanycustomers under 25 only
Santander Best Card PremiumVisaCredit0-075€ annuallyGermany
Consors Bank Visa GoldVisaCredit0-060€ annuallyGermanyannual fee can be waived with 10 cent per card transaction up to 60€
Barclaycard Eurowings GoldVisa + MastercardCredit0-069,90€ annually, first year freeGermany
Spardabank Hessen Platinum MastercardMastercardCredit0-099€ annuallyGermany
TF BankMastercardCredit1,9% interest per month-00Germany
Banca di Pisa Conto Corrente CompletoMaestroDebit0-00Italy
Banca Reale Conto Fun RealeMaestroDebit0-00 - 3,50€ monthlyItalylow monthly limits abroad
Findomestic Conto PrimeMastercardDebit0-06,90€ monthlyItaly
Flowe FriendMastercardDebit0-010€ monthlyItaly
Creditis Carta ValeaVisaCredit4%-00Italy
Agos Ducato (several cards)VisaCredit4%-01,25€ monthlyItaly
SantanderMastercardCredit4% min. €2,58-0,29% inside Europe, 0,58% outside Europe0Italy
Aegon Bank Knab PlusMaestroDebit0-0,5%5€ monthlyNetherlands
BNP Paribas Karta Otwarta na SwiatMastercardDebit0 for Global ATM Alliance, 5 PLN elsewherenone, but surcharge free at Global ATM Alliance010 PLN monthlyPoland
Bank Pekao Karta revolucynaMastercardDebit0-06 PLN monthly + 3 PLN monthly for the cardPolandyou need to be under 26 or have 500 PLN incoming deposit and 1 debit card transaction per month to get all fees waived incl atm fees abroad
Envelo (Bank Pocztowy)MastercardDebit0-05 PLN monthly + 5 PLN monthly for worldwide free cash optionPolandfirst fee can be waived with 1000 PLN incoming, 1 debit card transaction or under 26 years old.
Getin Bank Karta Kredytowa StandardVisaCredit3,5% min. 7 PLN-05 PLN monthlyPolandmonthly fee can be waived with 5 transactions per month
Bank PocztowyVisaCredit3% min. 5 PLN-04 PLN monthlyPoland
Telekom Banking (Alior Bank)MastercardDebit0-00Romaniaown exchange rates
ING Card completVisaDebit0-00Romanianeed monthly deposit of 700lei. Keep an eye out for this, Romanian banks seem to be intransparent with their exchange practices.
Orange MoneyVisaDebit0-00Romania
Idea Bank Foto Card del SalariuMastercardDebit15 per month free, then 0,75% + 5 RON-02 RON monthlyRomaniamin. 1500lei monthly deposit or 700Lei in card transactions. Keep an eye out for this, Romanian banks seem to be intransparent with their exchange practices.
Fio Banka Current AccountMastercardDebit1 per month free, then 1,20€-00Slovakia
Pibank Cuenta NominaVisaDebit0unlimited00Spainmin. 1100€ deposit per month required, or ATM withdrawals cost 2€.
Abanca Cuenta Clara JovenMastercardDebit5 per month free, then 1€-00Spainonly for customers between ages 16 and 34
Rebellion PayMastercardPrepaid4x or 500€ per month free, then 2€-00Spain
Arquia Banca Cuenta QVisaDebit0-080€ annuallySpain
Banca Mediolanum Cuenta CeroVisaDebit0-1% (waived for ATM withdrawals)9€ annually, first year freeSpain
BnextVisaPrepaid3 withdrawals and max. 500€ per month free-2000€ per month free0Spain
Eroski Club (Santander Consumer)MastercardCredit4% min. 4€-00Spain
WiZink Oro/CepsaVisaCredit4,5%, min. 4€-00Spain
PFCMastercardPrepaid3000SEK per month free, then 1,5%-00Sweden
ForexbankVisaCredit0-0225 SEK annuallySweden
Collector Easy LivingMastercardCredit3% min. 45 SEK-0195 SEK annuallySweden
Santander Mitt Kort+MastercardCredit3% min 35 SEK + 1,36% Interest per month-0195 SEK annually, first year freeSweden
Bank Cler Zak PlusMaestroDebit0-08CHF monthlySwitzerland
Yapeal Private +VisaDebit0-08,90CHF monthlySwitzerland
Postfinance Privatkonto PlusPlusATM0-012CHF monthlySwitzerlandmonthly fee can be waived with CHF 25000 in investments, life insurance or mortgage from PostFinance.
Credit Agricole Nextbank Pack EssenCielMaestroDebit0-015CHF monthlySwitzerlandmonthly fee can be waived with CHF 20000 average balance
Banque Cantonale de Fribourg BildungskontoMaestro or MastercardDebit0-00Switzerlandstudents ages 18-29 only
Hypothekarbank Lenzburg Ausbildungskonto VpayDebit0-00Switzerlandstudents under 30 only. Vpay card may not work in all countries outside Europe.

Term explainer:

Overseas ATM fee: The fee your own bank charges you for withdrawals when you use a foreign ATM abroad.

ATM surcharge rebate: How much of the fee the owner of the foreign ATM may charge you directly your bank will pay back to you. Not all ATMs charge a fee, but if they do it will show up on the screen at some point during the withdrawal process.

Foreign currency transaction fee: The fee your bank charges you for a transaction in a foreign currency. Unless otherwise noted this fee applies to both, ATM withdrawals and POS transactions in a store/ or on the internet.


Spotted a mistake, or know another card that doesn’t charge? Shoot me an email at webmaster [at]


I’m not a financial advisor, everything you read on this website is for informational purposes only. While doing my best, I do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information. Make sure you read all the fine print before you sign up for any of these products. If you have questions about fees or terms contact the bank/ card issuer.